Flower crown

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A flower crown! Who doesn't want that for their cute summer avatar?!!

Hand drawn textures!

Made from scratch in Blender by me!!

2 Versions included, crown and seperate flowers

Body in the showcase isn't mine and isn't included please refer to https://pandaabear.gumroad.com/ to buy it!

Head is TDA and prohibited to be used for commercial purposes (just for showcase purposes)

Hair in the showcase isn't mine and isn't included please refer to https://moobean.gumroad.com/ to download it!

Eye texture is by TERRI https://terrivrc.gumroad.com/

Please credit me if you use it (moonlight peach#3252)

Don't resell it or edits of it on their own since it is free

Verts: 32,608

Tris: 59,796

Faces: 34,672

It's very high poly I know but I tried to make the flowers as detailed as possible^^

there is another version with 10k less tris included

Allowed for commercial and private use (on public and free models too)!

Feel free to edit the crown to your liking

If you use it please send me a picture, I'd love to see it on your avatar!

Don't forget to rate!!

If you have any questions on how to add it to your avi or comments you can dm me on discord!

I hope you have a lot of fun using it! <33

I want this!
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Flower crown

99 ratings
I want this!